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Report From Nebraska…from The Zone

November 16, 2010 by  
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I arrived in north NE at Gobble N Grunt Outfitters. It was the 3rd day of rifle season, and by this morning, all the guys who were on the first hunt had tagged their bucks. James’ son Grant also killed a great 145″ 4×4 that weighed around 300 lbs.

I hunted last night and saw a good number of deer including a few small bucks. This morning was cold and clear, and I saw tons of deer movement. Probably a dozen small bucks worked the CRP in front of me, and I saw one big mature buck. He would have been a 150 class 8 pointer, but one side had grown into a big dagger that leaned back. He had a huge body, and I guessed he was at least 5 years old. James had seen the buck while scouting and agreed. If I get a good shot and footage of him, I might just use a tag on him. He was an impressive mature animal.

This afternoon was slow and the wind just didn’t work well. I have 5 more days, so hopefully one of the big boys will make a mistake and wonder by me. Will check in often…Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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