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Raven Wear Clothing Review – Cold Weather Gear for Monster Buck Hunters

February 9, 2010 by  
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Welcome to our “NEW” Preview and Review section at In these reports we will be highlighting what we feel are some of the best products out there for today’s deer hunter. Many of these products are personally used by our staff, and some of us would not be caught in the woods without them.

We will be doing a Preview and a Review of each product. First, we will Preview the product by giving you our initial impressions. Then, at a later date we will Review the product to let you know how it performs in the field. All results will be issued in laymen’s terms, giving you all the details as to whether or not the product does what it is supposed to do, and whether we would personally recommend its use.


Today’s product is Raven Wear Clothing out of Canada. I am going to wrap the Preview and Review into one as I have personally worn this clothing for over twenty years.

Product Description:

Raven Wear’s flagship is a clothing set called the Anti-Freeze System. This consists of an undergarment of hydra-phobic thermal underwear. Then you have a thermal suit mid layer of comfortable fleece. Finally, there is an outer layer with a Sherpa lining and a water repellent, and totally quiet, wind barrier called ComforMax IB by DuPont. Raven Wear also makes a lot of other clothing inclusive of hats, boot blankets, archer’s jackets, socks and much, much more!

Thoughts and Comments:

Raven Wear is a custom made to your size thermal fleece clothing that is totally silent and built for absolute comfort in the woods. I have survived in a treestand up to ten hours a day in below freezing temperatures, and thirty mile per hour winds, while wearing this clothing. Nothing I have found will keep you out in the elements longer and more comfortable while sitting in a stand waiting for “Mr. Big” to come by!

Owners Dennis and Susan Hinbo, along with their staff, are the nicest people in the world to talk to and deal with. With one phone call, and a measuring tape, you can be on your way to purchasing the last hunting outfit you will ever need.

Let’s see how this clothing stacks up:


  • Clothing is custom cut and made to your size.
  • Warmth retention is fantastic, and I do mean warm, warm, warm!!
  • Fleece is light weight and only absorbs 4% moisture.
  • Dries much more quickly than other types of clothing.
  • Large strong zippers, buckles, snaps etc. I wore my first outfit for fifteens years without one failure.
  • Totally silent and soft fleece cloth, and again I mean quiet, quiet, quiet!!!!
  • Semi water repellent and totally quiet wind barrier, even in the coldest temperatures.


  • Clothing prices are above average, but it is hard to call this a con as one Raven Wear outfit made specifically for you … will last you a lifetime!


10 out of 10!!!!!

Contact Info:

If you want what I feel is the best hunting clothing made check Raven Wear Clothing out at and you won’t be disappointed.

If you are a manufacturer of a great product for the hunting industry, and you would like us to review your product, please contact me at

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