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Quite Simply…Been Getting my Butt Kicked! by Tim Herald

November 7, 2012 by  
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Fall is definitely in the air. Cooler than normal temps have hit much of the country just at the right time, and big bucks should be moving. There have been a lot of big deer killed, especially it seems in Iowa and Kansas over the past two weeks, but I gotta admit, I have been hard at it in Kentucky, and I haven’t even come close.

For almost two weeks, I have either hunted all day or a part of every day. I have not aid eyes on a shooter buck. In a period of five days, I saw over 30 different bucks and 95% of them were within bow range, but not a single buck over 120″. One day I saw 9 bucks in the morning and after a 1 hour lunch break, I saw 13 more.

I have grunted bucks in, I have decoyed bucks in, I have rattled, used scent, sat on food, sat in pinch points, I have been covered up in deer…but I have not seen a 4 year old buck. I guess that is bowhunting, but saying that doesn’t make it any easier. Heck, if I had been sitting with my TC .300 mag, I wouldn’t have shot a deer either!

Don’t get me wrong, I have had some great hunts and enjoyed being out there, but I am feeling pretty whipped right now, and I must admit, I can’t wait to go to Sd and NE this weekend, pick up a rifle in some open country where you can see the deer that are there, and put something on the ground.

Congrats to Adam and all you other guys who have had success over the past couple of weeks. My buddy Bill Winke of killed a big 200″ monster that he has been hunting for 4 years. What an accomplishment! Huge Congrats to Bill! I am happy for you guys, but jealous too! Everyone out there, keep at it. I know I will, and I think for the next few days, it should just get better in the whitetail woods…

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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