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P&Y Buck Number 3 for 2009

November 12, 2009 by  
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Got behind on posts in the last week, spent most of it in a treestand, the rut is on, you guys understand.  Tim is out hunting out in Nebraska and I look forward to a report from him soon.

Anyway, I’ve had a goal of taking 3 P&Y bucks in one year for a long time and finally got it done.  I just bowhunted the great state of Illinois with a good hunting buddy and was able to harvest this tall and heavy 9 point. I was hunting an inside corner by a corn field. This buck was cruising through the timber about a half and hour before sunset and passed by my treestand at about 25 yards. Despite warm temperatures and slow action, this was the 5th and biggest buck I saw that particular evening. My Hoyt AlphaMax, Carbon Express Arrows and Slick Trick 4 blade broadheads quickly put the deer down.  The buck green scored 143.  My goal was 3 but how about 4, next stop, north eastern Missouri with Brian Lindberg of Soap Creek Outfitters.

09 IL 9pt

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