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Prime Time Gives Mixed Results

November 14, 2013 by  
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My favorite deer that I have heard of being killed in my area was my 10 year old neighbor Mathew Salyer. He has been working toward deer hunting since last spring, and he got a crack at a buck over the weekend as well. Mathew sealed the deal with a good shot, and as you can see by the photo, he is one happy young hunter. These stories to me are more important than the 200” bucks that are killed throughout the country. We need new deer hunters, and it is great to see young men like Aaron and Mathew getting in the field for the first time.Mathews-buck

I will be in Nebraska for the entire rifle season there, and though the season is almost a week later than normal and the moon is getting fuller every day, I am hoping to find 1 or 2 good mature bucks during that time. I will report on how that season is going as often as possible.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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