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Prime Time Gives Mixed Results

November 14, 2013 by  
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The past week or so has been prime time for whitetails throughout the midwest. With below average temperatures in many places and even a little snow, we would think the rut would be wide open and huge deer would be popping out behind every other tree.

From the hunting I have been doing with my family in Kentucky and reports I have gotten from all over the country, the rutting activity seems to be really hit or miss. Of course since Saturday, many huge bucks have fallen as rifle seasons opened in a number of states, but I am surprised that everyone hasn’t seen a very strong rut.

Aarons-buckHere in central Kentucky, I went out with one of my sons both Saturday and Sunday mornings and did not see a deer. I can’t tell you the last time I sat twice in KY and didn’t see a thing. Conversely, I put my 16 year old cousin Aaron Clark in a treestand on the same small farm, and he had a great hunt. He said as soon as I dropped him off, he had two bucks and a doe come through, it was just too dark to shoot. Then an hour later, he saw a nice buck cruising his way, and he dropped it on the spot. I had loaned him my TC Venture in .300 Win shooting 180 grain Winchester Supreme Accubonds. The energy of this big load body slammed the 130 class buck. What a first deer, and a first day deer hunting!

Dales-buckFriend dale Sexton killed a really nice mid 160’s buck on Sunday, and my sometimes cameraman Zack Thurman took a really nice mid 140’s 11 point on Tuesday. Zack had passed this buck twice at 15 yards with a bow earlier in the year because he was hunting a 160, but I urged him to take this mature buck if he got another chance so we could get the footage for The Zone.Zacks-buck


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