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Paul’s Kansas Jackalope

December 15, 2010 by  
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Paul Sawyer from Whitetail Properties submitted a picture and story about this old Kansas buck he was after this fall. Very cool deer Paul, nice job!

Here is a picture of a giant 6 point I named “jackalope”. I shot him with a TC Venture the first night out on our ranch in Kansas. I fell in love with this old buck during the pre-season because he was so unique. He disappeared off the ranch during the early muzzleloader season but he found his way home in November when we started to get a lot of pictures of him again. Now he will make a very good conversation piece for my office. If you look closely at his left main beam on the Reconyx trail camera picture you can see that he broke off a 4″ kicker at the base which would have pushed him into the mid 120’s as a six point. He has 25″ & 27″ main beams..way fun!



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