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Optics for Monster Bucks

September 17, 2013 by  
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After 33 years of bowhunting I’ve learned a few things in the whitetail woods. Scout more than you hunt, play the wind, the first time in is the best time and quality products can make a difference between success and failure! There are just some pieces of equipment that you should not scrimp on! Quiet bows and treestands are a must without a doubt. Spend every penny you have to buy the best arrows possible. Shoot a broadhead that will NEVER fail. Last but not least, buy the best binoculars you can afford!


I spend hundreds of hours in a treestand every fall. Of those countless hours, I can’t even begin to guess what percentage of them I spend glassing but I can tell you more times than not I give myself a migraine because I never put my binoculars down, no joke! I’m always using my binoculars because I want to spot a big buck way before he’s in bow range. I have alot going on in the tree trying to film my own hunts and every extra second I can get to prepare for a shot the better! I can’t begin to tell you how many big deer I have spotted with my binos, that I would have never seen if it weren’t for glassing non stop while sitting in my stand. Think about how great a bucks eyesight is compared to our natural eyesight, why wouldn’t you want to even the odds? You have to use every tool in your arsenal to stack the deck in your favor and using quality optics is a great place to start.


Until a couple years ago, I felt like I was missing the boat with my optics. I spent what I could afford on binoculars, but I always felt like what I could afford was sub-par.I just couldn’t justify spending two thousand dollars on binoculars. I even borrowed a friends extra pair of Swarovskis a few years back for a trip out west and I couldn’t believe the difference, I had to have a pair! It was at this time, on the same hunt, a friend in camp showed me his new Meopta binos. After comparing the glasses side by side, there was no difference in the quality, but a huge difference in the cost! I immediatley went home and ordered a pair of the Meopta HD 8×42’s. I can honestly say, these are the best binoculars I have ever used and for a fraction of the cost! The quality of the glass in all Meopta products is amazing and the light gathering capabilities in low light conditions is second to none in my opinion.


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