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Oklahoma Booner with a Muzzleloader

November 12, 2009 by  
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Kyle's BIG  Oklahoma BUCK


Kyle Cortiana submitted the following story about his hunt for this monster Oklahoma buck he harvested with a muzzleloader earlier this fall. Congrats Kyle!

“On the opening day of Oklahoma muzzleloader 10/24, I sat in my tree stand until about 10:30 and decided to do something a little crazy and hit my can call about 12 times.  When I was done I thought what I had done was stupid and laughed at myself for doing so.  Not 10 minutes later I decided to begin getting down to go get some lunch. I stood up and turned around to push the seat up on my tree stand and took one last look behind my tree before I lowered the gun and climbed down.  What I saw at that instant blew my mind!!  At 25 yards and heading right towards me was this goliath!  I quickly reached for my muzzleloader and slowly raised the barrel and rested myself snug to the side of the tree.  Waiting anxiously I watched both through my scope and over the top of the gun looking for movement and fired my shot at a mere 7 yards. 

The buck only made it about 50 yards and then stopped and stood.  I quickly reloaded but in my haste I dropped my percussion cap to the ground.  Fortunately I had one more in my EZ-loader, but I was shaking so bad that I wasn’t sure I would be able to place the percussion cap on the nipple.  While getting the cap on, the buck had started moving away and was now about 70 yards out.  He had almost reached a thicket that I knew I would be unable to see the deer once he got to it; so with BUCK FEVER at full effect I rushed a second shot that surely went over his back. 

I stayed in the stand flipping out wanting to know that he had gone down.  I then quietly got down and returned to the truck to get help from my buddies. When we returned I was sick to find out that the buck was not laying dead at the evergreen tree where I last saw him and although I found blood where he had stood, we were unable to find a blood trail leading in any direction.  We finally found another large amount of blood about 75 yards north of the evergreen at a fence crossing.  I knew the deer had a broken shoulder and found it hard to believe that he would jump a 5’ hog wire fence.  We all searched for the remainder of the afternoon but couldn’t find him.  I was sick yet determined to find my buck.  I spent most of the following day scouring the woods for my buck to no avail.  Then I had to return back to the daily grind at work suffering from depression, anxiety, and numerous nightmares!  My wife definitely had enough of my poor attitude.  Then the next weekend of muzzleloader arrived and I was anxious to return to look again for the deer.  I just knew that he was dead and I wanted to find him.  I was still unable to find the deer by Saturday evening but when I returned to my truck I found a note on my windshield wiper from a local farmer that said, “ I found a large buck dead in my wheat field and I believe it’s yours.  If you want the rack or anything here’s my number and I’ll tell you where he is.”  I could not believe it and I was completely elated!!  I drove way to fast to the farmers homestead to get the keys to the gates and the location of the buck.  I rushed through a muddy wheat field to find a deer that definitely possessed a rare quality of ground growage as oppose to ground shrinkage!! 

 I had no idea that this monster buck was in the area.  I had seen several good deer but nothing to this caliber.  I have tried to score this giant buck to the best of my abilities and come up with a gross score of around 181 2/8 inches.  After deductions and the 60 day drying period I think he will net very close to 170 inches.”

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