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October in Montana by Tim Herald

October 28, 2013 by  
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As soon as we drove into the ranch Eric noted that they had cut the warm season grasses in the 3 weeks since his last hunt there, and he wasn’t sure how that would effect the deer movement. We were driving a muddy farm road back toward my intended stand and we spotted a couple does up feeding, and then I looked out my window and saw a nice mature 8 pointer bedded not 15 yards away in a weedy ditch. As we drove on, I pointed him out to Eric, and he asked if it was a deer I would shoot.

Answering honestly, I told him that I really didn’t know. He looked just a bit wider than his ears and had tall G2’s. That and the fact that he was obviously mature was all I knew. By this time we were 300 yards past the deer and around a curve, and he stopped. Eric said, “do you want to go stalk him?”, and I answered, “Sure why not, we can always use the footage. I am sure I will get busted anyway.” Seriously, how many times do you pull off a stalk on a mature whitetail buck with a bow?

We had a big cottonwood marked that we thought was close to his position, and David and I got in the ditch on the other side of the ranch road. The wind was right, and we slowly walked up to where I thought the buck might be. I slowly crept up to the edge of the road, and glassed across with my Nikon EDG binos. I finally picked out antler tips about 40 yards further on, so we made another move.

This time when I glassed him, he was straight across from me, and he seemed to be looking in a quartering away direction. I was only about 30-35 yards away, but I had the higher ranch road between my ditch and the ditch where the buck was bedded. I was going to have to step up on top of the mud road to get a shot, and I knew when I stepped out in the open, the game would be over.

I slowly slipped up on the road and the buck was still looking away. I made it to the middle of the road (about 18 yards from the buck) and came to full draw. The buck whipped his head around, but I think he believed he was still hidden as he just stayed still and watched me. I held for what seemed like a long time, and I knew he was going to wait me out. I had to do something as I had no shot at the bedded deer.

I finally made a kissing sound, and he immediately sprung to his feet. I expected him to bolt, but he only bounced once and stood quartering away. I centered my top pin on his ribs, and sent a Carbon Express Blue Streak arrow tipped with a new Rage Chisel Point straight through him. Before he ran 50 yards I could tell he was going down, and at about 80 yards it was all over. I saw him drop, so no tracking was necessary.

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