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October Fun and Management

October 19, 2012 by  
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As I reported both my kids got pretty lucky and killed good bucks the first week of October with their crossbows. Well that let them out on hunting bucks with guns during KY’s youth season. They love to hunt, and in many places in KY, doe harvest is unlimited, so we went out for a bit of management on their fall break from school. We made it a family affair and took my wife and her parents to stay in a friend’s cabin while the boys and I hunted- DOES.

The first afternoon, I took Drew and we saw some does but they hung up at an oak about 70 yards out. He and I went back the next morning, and did not see anything early, but around 9AM, a doe came right in to 25 yards and he claimed another with his Carbon Express Covert crossbow. The deer ran by our blind and I thought the blood would hit us it was pumping out so much. We decided to sit for another hour, and sure enough, Drew got another chance.

Two big does and a fawn came out, and when the first doe got to 20 steps, the CX Covert did its work again. Drew made a perfect double lung shot, and the doe went about 50 yards. After we recovered them and I ran them to town to donate to Hunter’s for The Hungry, we got ready for the evening.

This was a new one for us. Drew and his mom (who doesn’t hunt) were going to sit in one blind while Will and I went to another. Drew only had a spike come in, but Will had a big old doe in about an hour before dark. He got his CX Covert working, and hit her just behind the shoulder which made for an easy 60 yard recovery. I just love watching the boys hunt with their crossbows, and they love getting up close and personal.

Oct 20-21 are muzzleloader season in KY, and I just got back from tuning up my TC Pro Hunter. As always, it shot great, but me and a buddy had some fun at the range and decided to stretch them out. We both shot very well at 200 yards using our Nikon BDC reticles, but we decided to play at 300. I shot 6 shots, and my furthest was 5″ left, and that was in a 15 mph steady right to left wind. When I held right enough, my last 2 shots were both within 1.5″ of the bullseye. My load is 125 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder with a 250 gr TC shockwave bullet. It just performs way better than I can as a shooter.

To all out there, best of luck this week.

Hunt hard…Tim H.

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  1. Hey Tim, I had a muzzleloader I loved stolen so I bought a new T/C Triumph, I have tried several brands of pellets and am not happy with the results. I am also using the 250 shockwave. How are you measuring your Blackhorn powder? I may try it.

  2. Tim Herald says:


    I just use a regular TV powder measurer. Mine shoots great at 125 grains and my buddy’s was great with 120. You will not be disappointed…

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