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NM Elk Hunt Day 2- BIG BULL DOWN!!!

October 2, 2009 by  
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Well…it all came together this morning. Though the bulls were not bugling again at daylight (it was 21 degrees), we did find one single bull that answered our calls at around 8am.

He was over a ridge, so we climbed up, and it was a beautiful flat wooded mesa on top. He was over the back bugling, so we set up. My guide and longtime friend, Larson Panzy, got behind me, and cow called lightly. Within a few minutes, a cow popped up at 50 yards. We could tell the bull was getting closer, and I expected him to follow her out. It took a few minutes, but he did just that. When the bull came in to view, I judged him as a shooter, but I knew he didn’t have super long beams. He looked to be heavy and have good back splits, so I decided to take him. He was at 50 yards or less, and he began to rake some oak brush.

I really wanted him to bugle, and just as I whispered that to my cameraman, Larson raked a shed on some brush. The bull began to chuckle, so I knew it was time. I squeezed the trigger on my old reliable TC Encore, and sent a 180 grain Winchester Accubond right through the boiler room. He went 20 yards and was done! Great heavy bull. I couldn’t be happier, he is a great bull and it was great footage for THE ZONE.

09 Bull 1

09 Bull Vertical

We got him out, skinned and quartered him and dropped him at the processor, and headed out to get more footage. We saw 2 bulls bigger than him out of the truck, and then went and set up on a waterhole. 3 bulls were bugling a lot, but within the first 30 minutes of being there, 3 different chocolate bears came in to the water hole. As darkness fell, the bulls were still 200 yards away, so we slipped out.

We will film some scenery stuff and hang out tomorrow. Then we are driving to TX on Sunday and will help everyone get settled in to pronghorn camp on Monday. We hunt Tues and Wed. Again, if I have Internet connection, I will post results of the pronghorn hunt early next week.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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