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NM Elk Hunt – Day 1

October 1, 2009 by  
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Hey Folks…typing this after a 14 1/2 hour hunt today. Worn out, but ya gotta love it.

First, yesterday we got to Amarillo, and drove about 7 hours to the Jicarilla Apache Res. All day the wind was about 35-40 mph, and it was just terrible.

NM Sign

We got up this morning, and it was about 30 and pretty calm. That didn’t last. The temps stayed cool, but an hour after dawn, the wind got up again and stayed that way all day. It was tough. This is my 7th trip to the Jicarilla, and this was the worst bugling day I have ever experienced. That said…

We probably saw 15-20 bulls, but a decent amount were out of the truck. This afternoon, we got 2 different bulls going. The first, my guide and good buddy Larson Panzy, called in to 20 yards. He was a decent 6×6, but sure not a first day bull. He came in screaming, and it was what elk hunting is all about.

We got another bull started an hour or so later, and we moved in on him inside 100 yards. He had pushed his harem of cows into a small bottom, and we checked him out. He was a 6×7 with long main beams, good fronts, but is 5th points and 6th point were real short. Larson got him to bugle at every call, and it was a great show. These two encounters are why I come here every year. Ended up to be a great day. We got both encounters on film, so all is well.

Hopefully they will bugle better tomorrow and Mr. Big shows up. Until next time…Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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  1. Dan. says:

    Tim – it’s great that you’re doing the daily updates – thanks for the good reading!

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