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Nick’s 140

December 6, 2011 by  
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Whether you are 6 or 63 we would be happy to share your hunting story with our loyal readers. Here’s a great one submitted by an experienced hunter who continues to knock ’em down.  Congrats Nick!

Have had a lot of bucks on camera this fall but this one was a real regular. Was seeing him most often just down the road at the neighbor’s farm. There’s a narrow creek bottom there that runs through a large hay field and serves as a funnel between two large blocks of timber. At 63 yrs old and with a bad hip and a bum shoulder I don’t climb many trees anymore so a couple of buddies helped me carry a 10 foot tripod back to a bend in the creek. We tucked it underneath a thorny old honey locust so there would be a little back cover. A less than ideal setup but the best we could do. My experience there over the last few years has been that the deer often travel several yards out in the field rather than right down the creek itself so I knew there would be little time for me to use a rangefinder plus the movement involved could well be picked up by any deer as I would be so close to ground level. I cut some small 3 ft sticks and placed them out in the field as yard markers. Problem solved.

On the afternoon of Nov. 12th about 4:00 pm I hit the horns one time and before I could get them hung up this buck stepped out of a bend in the creek about a hundred and twenty yards to my left. He was coming right through the hay field at a fast trot. I knew I would have only a very narrow window in which to get a shot off as the wind was blowing from my back right out into the field. I looked at the yard markers and tried to judge where I could stop him for a shot. I got him stopped at 35 yards.  The shot was a bit more quartering to than I would have liked but the bolt took him right through the right shoulder low and right through the heart. He went about 60 yards where I watched him go down. I had just purchased 3 “Lumen-arrows” a few days earlier. How sweet to be able to see that bolt hit it’s mark and stick in the ground on the other side. Will never hunt again without them.

Anyway, not a monster buck but one I can be proud of and a great deer for the “Old Guy”. I thank God every day for creating such a magnificent animal and giving me the opportunity to hunt them.

Nick Reed


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  1. Nick,

    Great story. Thanks for sharing that. You’ve got a knack for putting big bucks on the ground.


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