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New World Record Buck from Missouri?

November 20, 2008 by  
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So the story and rumors begin… it is an impressive rack… stay tuned.


10 Responses to “New World Record Buck from Missouri?”

  1. My goodness that thing is a freak! Looks like he got in a fight with a tree and won – now he wears the tree as a symbol of his victory!

  2. brad says:

    That is one heck of a buck. Congats on taking him.

  3. Terry says:

    It is not eligible., was confirmed that it was killed behind a high fence.

  4. Troy Bicknell says:

    What part of Mo was he taken from? Congrats!!

  5. Troy Bicknell says:

    I have herd rumors that the deer was taken in Jasper or Newton co. I have also herd that it was taken around St.Louis??

  6. Justin Allen says:

    Huh they claim you can only kill deer of this caliber in Iowa and Illinois looks like us Missouri boys know how to hunt big

  7. jason stanfield says:

    nice deer for a pen raised heartlandwildlife ranch ethel missouri lol!!!!!!!

  8. Dusin Shoop says:

    I hate ppl like this they go out and kill a big buck that u could of went up and pete. Whats thepoint in killing a buck behind a high fence thats just dumb because you cant clame it as a record an its not ethical in my mind. I hope that guy is proud of himeself.

  9. Dusin Shoop says:

    Not Eligible Missouri Update
    December 12, 2008
    Trophy Watch has learned from the Missouri Department of Conservation that this buck was purchased from a breeder, and released in a high fenced enclosure.

    Trophies taken within escape proof enclosures are not eligible to be listed in B

  10. nolan hatmon says:

    that is a huge buck congrats man!!!!!

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