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Nebraska Monster Buck May Be New State Record

November 23, 2010 by  
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Just got an email about a monster typical whitetail taken by Kevin Petrzilka out near Loma, Nebraska. Here’s the preliminary info we have on this huge buck. The massive 17 point rack has been unofficially scored by B&C at 203 4/8 net. The current Nebraska record is 199 1/4 on a buck taken back in 1983 by Vernon Vera. Congratulations to Kevin on the buck of a lifetime!

Here is a report from their local taxidermist: “This bad boy was shot last night near Loma, Nebraska. I was at our DU banquet when I got the call I had better get out to see this deer. We headed to the farm and it was like a NU football game there was so many people and trucks. Kevin Petrzilka shot it and could not have been more humble about it, his son had spotted mending fence and had called his dad to get out there. They made the perfect plan to surround it and laid him down. I caped it off last night right where he laid and the rack will be back in Kevin’s hands today so I am not responsible for it until I mount it ( which is a privilege as well). If he stays as a typical because there is a concern that his G3’s may count as non-typical, he will rank near the top in the world. No matter what happens with this buck as far as scores go he is a once in a lifetime trophy and will be in a few magazines no doubt. I have physically seen a couple bigger non-typical deer in person, but this is the biggest typical by far. Milo Hanson’s world record Typical is 213” just to put into perspective, and Nebraska’s #1 typical is 199”. Time will tell , but I had to share because it is obviously the buzz in this part of the state.”

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  1. david says:

    i am 13 and shot a non typical 13 point buck but at the base of the main beem it has like 8 or 9 kickers would that make it a world record nontypical buck

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