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NE Report from The Zone…

November 19, 2010 by  
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On my 3rd morning in NE, I watched a lot of bucks and a huge bodied 8 pointer (with broken brow) chased does, grunted, ran small bucks, etc. for the first 1.5 hours of the morning and then disappeared into a thicket. We knew the deer as James Brion (owner of Gobble N Grunt Outfitters) had scouted him. Another guy missed the buck on opening day.

James had asked me to take him as a management buck if I got a chance even though we knew he wouldn’t score real well. The guys had filmed him breeding a good bit, and we didn’t particularly want him passing on his genes.

About 10:15, he came out about 500 yards away. I began grunting to him, and the next thing I knew, he walked to 6 yards in front of me. I let him pass, and when he was about 75 yards out, I let a 180 grain Winchester Accubond go from the trusty TC Venture, and he was down. The buck was at least 4.5 years old, had a HUGE body, but not a monster rack. He is a perfect management deer.

I have hunted a couple days since then, and have seen and passed a 140+ 8 pointer twice and a 140ish 9-pointer. I am really hoping to find a BIG buck, but the toads seemed to be in lockdown mode. I have 5 sits left, so we’ll see what we can do. If it comes close to the end, I will be looking for one of the mature ones we have passed, but hopefully we’ll find a bigger one first. It is cold and very windy, and I think the 20-30mph winds are really hurting us…Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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