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My Favorite Time of Year..

September 13, 2011 by  
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Tim Herald provided this post as he gets ready to crank it up for his hunts across North America. Notice he took the time to get his boys out in the field. Please make a point to take a kid hunting this fall, they will have a great time and you will too!

My favorite time of year…

I love September. We all know hunting seasons are starting or are about to start. Whether it is taking my boys out dove hunting, (which is more tradition and camaraderie than hunting), bow hunting whitetails in a state with an early opener, or chasing bugling elk, it is the time we all wait for.

My KY deer season was pretty short as I tagged out the first 3 days, and took a youth out who killed a great velvet buck. I am still shooting my bow religiously every morning and then heading to the gym, as the thoughts of running up and down the New Mexico mountains later this week are great incentive. As you all know, I am not a huge numbers guy, but the ranch I’m going to in NM’s Unit 12 has produced some monster bulls in the past, one over 400. My outfitter Tom Klumker of San Francisco River Outfitters tells me there are some big bulls this year, and one they know of over 380. Now that would certainly be a dream bull, but I would be happy with any nice mature 6×6 over 300 with my bow. I have a good friend going with me, and that is always fun to share camp, especially in the mountains, with old friends.

I take off on Thursday and begin the hunt Friday. I will only be out there for 5 days, which is a little short. I am sure we won’t have Internet, but I will try to call JT and send in some updates as the hunt goes along if I get a chance. Bugling elk are my favorite game in North America, and I am really stoked to get out there with my new Elite bow and Carbon Express arrows and see if we can make it happen. Good luck to all while I am gone…Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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