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Mozambique Safari 2013 Part 3 by Tim Herald

September 19, 2013 by  
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My observation is that these kudu are maybe as much as 200 pounds smaller than the greater kudu I have shot in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. They are almost petite, but very beautiful. I know they are not officially, but I suspect they are East African kudu like those in Tanzania (only 40 miles from here). Any of the kudu here over 50″ are good ones, and though I have not measured any of our animals, Paul came in at lunch and said he did measure the bull at 54″. He is narrow, but long and has good curls. I think this will be a good animal and hunt to end on for the trip. I am here another 5 days but will help with leopard baits for my next two clients coming in, and get the TV portion of our trip wrapped up.

We caught a flight out of camp yesterday afternoon and are spending our last day at Pemba Beach Lodge. We got word last night that my client Larry Neugebauer killed a nice leopard with Johnnie Johnson yesterday afternoon. I will post photos hopefully tonight when they send over from camp. Jon Soderholm is hunting leopard with Paul with a  bow, and we heard this morning that they have 4 males on bait. This will be interesting.


Just as we were about to eat lunch today, a local fisherman walks up off the beach with this 50+ lb wahoo to sell us. I think we are going to be having some seriously fresh sushi & steaks tonight. Sarah the manager here paid $86 for the whole fish…I can’t wait!

I start the trip home tomorrow after lunch and arrive back in KY on Tuesday morning. I have had a wonderful adventure over the past month, but I must admit that I am ready to be in my own home with my much missed family. Hunt Hard, Tim H.

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  1. Greg Cook says:

    It looks like you had a very productive hunt. I have been to South Africa only once for a visit but would like to return one day to hunt. Would you recommend the outfitter you used, what are approximate costs for the different animals to hunt, and what is the best time to go?

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