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Mozambique Safari 2013 Part 3 by Tim Herald

September 19, 2013 by  
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Day 13- Paul and I had a good morning. After checking a leopard bait for Frazier, we found a group of about 6 kudu cows with a big bull. I find it odd that all the big bulls we have seen have been with cows, and they have been rutting. Everywhere else I have been, the kudu rut was in May.

Anyway, we made a stalk, I got on the sticks, and when I could see him, the cameraman couldn’t. When he could see, I couldn’t. This went on for a while in the wooded area, and finally they buggered off. About 1.5 hours later, we were passing back through the area and spotted the same group. It was a bit thicker, but we both got on him, and I shot on a hard quartering away angle. He took off to our left and crossed an open area before we could get there for a shot.

Paul’s tracker, Jethro, said I hit him good, but I wasn’t sure. We quickly found blood and began tracking which was pretty easy. He was bleeding a lot, but after 250 yards, I was getting a little worried. Then we saw him down in a dry riverbed trying to get up the other side. He was in bad shape, so I put one in his shoulder, and that was that.Tim-Kudu

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  1. Greg Cook says:

    It looks like you had a very productive hunt. I have been to South Africa only once for a visit but would like to return one day to hunt. Would you recommend the outfitter you used, what are approximate costs for the different animals to hunt, and what is the best time to go?

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