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Mozambique Safari 2013 by Tim Herald

September 12, 2013 by  
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After our great family trip to SA with Infinito, I hopped over to Mozambique to again hunt with Kambako Safaris in Niassa. I was to hunt lion, buff and PG. On this trip, I also had Greg Schubert and Frazier Jones with me. This is Frazier’s first trip to Africa.

I am going to attempt to write this as we go along in camp (though it wont get posted until later), so some may be in present tense, and some may be in past. Please excuse this…Paul Wellock is my PH. I have known Paul for a while and he is a great guy and quality PH. He is always funny and very hard working. We arrived in camp just before dark after a bit of mumbo jumbo at the Pemba airport.

Day 1- Shot my rifle just after daylight, and all was good. I am using a new TC Icon in .416 Rem. shooting  400 gr. Nosler solids and partitions.  The gun is topped with a 2.5×10 Nikon Monarch X scope with illuminated center crosshairs.

We got on buff tracks about 8:00. Eventually zebra were walking on buff tracks and Paul and I decided we would shoot first thing we saw for bait. Within 10 minutes we heard a Zebra, and we began working toward them. Eventually we could see a herd a bit below us in a wooded area with some thick spots. We watched for some time, and I think the wind shifted, and you could tell they were about to leave. I could see the triangle on the shoulder between two trees, and I hammered it with the .416. It slammed the zebra off its feet and the herd ran off. One came back and stood around the fallen one, and not thinking about bait, I didn’t shoot, and it eventually left.  Not a good move when you need lion bait.Zebra

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