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Mozambique Hunt Report-Tim Herald

July 30, 2012 by  
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It is only lunch on day 2 of my hunt with Kambako Safaris, and it has already been incredibly exciting. I got lucky, and we tracked up a big bull Roosevelt sable that PH Stu Taylor and I hunted for more than a week last year. I took him about an hour before dark, the right way. We tracked him on foot. This is an animal I have tried for 3 times without success, and to me, it is the most beautiful of all plainsgame.

This morning, we walked in and looked at a 50+ pound elephant bull, and then we went to check lion bait. There were 2 lions at the bait when we got there, but the largest walked off quartering before we could really look him over and try to make an age determination. This is a 6 year old or older area. We did pass the lion in the photo at 20 yards. We think he needs 1-2 years still.

We moved the bait to a better location, and we are going to try to sneak in tomorrow at daylight and see if we can get a better look at the 2nd lion. If he is old enough, We will try to take him. The setup is perfect with the bait in a creek drain, and we have a big rock outcrop high above 53 yards away. I am sure hoping he will be old enough.

I will check back in soon.

Hunt hard…Tim H.

Equipment note: I used a TC Dimension rifle topped with a 4×16 Nikon Monarch scope. I am shooting Winchester Ammo loaded up with 180 grain Accubonds in .300 Win., and the load performed wonderfully on the big stocky sable bull. Penetration plus weight retention are key in Africa, and this load provides both. Oh yeah…it is very accurate too…

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