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Moving on to Alaska by Tim Herald

September 11, 2012 by  
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Moving On…

Well, my home state deer whipped my tail this past week. I didn’t get to hunt but 4 times in 8 days because of weather or some other unforeseen circumstance, and I did not connect with a big whitetail in KY. On the 6th, I did see the deer I was hunting.

Steve Hartley of Steve Hartley Outdoors had trail cam pics of a bachelor group of 6 deer with a good 10 pointer and a heavy narrow 8 pointer with 7-8″ brows. About 7:45 on Thursday, the group came out in the small secluded field I was hunting and began feeding. I gassed the two better bucks and would have shot either as the 8 was an old deer for sure, and the 10 I guessed at 150″.

At 62 yards, I thought I had a chance, but they ended up feeding away toward a big pasture never to be seen again. The next morning, I went in and moved my stand about 30 yards closer to the trail they came out the evening before. The wind was perfect that afternoon, and I had high hopes, but alas, I only saw a spike! That marked the end of my early season hunt in KY. I will be back at it some for myself and my boys in late September and October, but that is a tough time to kill a deer in the Bluegrass State.

As I type this, my feet are resting on my big waterproof Cabela’s duffle bag that hopefully contains everything I need for the next two weeks. I leave early in the morning for the long haul to Alaska where I will begin a moose/grizzly hunt on September 12. We have 9-10 days, so hopefully I can find that elusive 60-inch moose.

Moose hunting is absolutely one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done, and though I have taken some big Canada moose, I hope to knock down one of the biggest deer on earth in the Alaska/Yukon subspecies.

I am tuned up and ready with my gun/scope/load combo. I am shooting a TC Dimension in .338 WIn topped with a Nikon Monarch 4x16x50 Monarch scope. I am shooting Winchester Supreme ammo pushing a 250 Nosler Accubond bullet at about 2600fps I sighted the gun in at 175 yards, which puts me in good shape out over 300, and I was shooting a ragged hole at 100 steps. This is my one and only BIG game North America hunts this year as afterwards I will be concentrating on whitetails in KY, NE, SD and IA.

Moose is the primary quarry, but I love the big bears, so I will definitely have a tag in case I run into a nice inland griz. If I can kill a moose fairly early, the leftover carcass and gut pile should be a dinner bell for a big bear as well. So with that, I am off to take my wife out for a last dinner before the trip, and I will check in as soon as I am able.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.

This is a 52″ Canada Moose, but I hope to find his big cousin in AK…


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