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Moose Hunting in British Columbia for THE ZONE, Part 3

October 10, 2010 by  
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Here’s the latest hunting report from Tim on his BC moose hunt.

Day 4

Was finally sunny most of the day. We rode in and helped load up Larry’s bull that ended up at 55″, and then we hunted. I spotted a bedded bull in the timber, we stalked him, and passed as he was only in the 40″ range. Larry went mt goat hunting, and he killed a really nice 7.5 year old billy that was a bit over 9″. He has filled his tags and has had a great trip.

Day 5

Started out terribly with rain. Then it broke for a while and we rode to a high mountain meadow. After one short calling sequence, we rode on up into the meadow, and we jumped a dandy shooter bull at about 70 yards. He headed for the timber, and we never saw him again. It was quite disheartening. We spent the rest of the day covering some beautiful country and saw plenty of moose sign, but no more bulls.

We have two days left, and it isn’t looking promising. It is before daylight on day 6 right now, and the wind is blowing 30mph and it is raining off and on. That is a terrible combination to try to film in, and I am sure the moose will be laid up out of this wind.

Hunt Hard…Tim H.


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