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Moose Hunting in British Columbia for THE ZONE, Part 2

October 9, 2010 by  
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Another hunting report from Tim Herald out in rugged mountains of BC. Weather isn’t helping but they continue to hunt and have one bull down.

Day 3 – BC Moose Hunt…

Today was terrible weather again. It rained daylight until dark. We rode 12 or so miles, and we did see two moose cows. It has been rough. We are soaked all day, and then it takes all night to dry our stuff out so we can get it wet again.

The high note of the day is that my buddy Larry Caan that came with me killed a monster today that looks like it will make B&C. They still have to pack it out, but all indications are that it is 54″+ wide. It is a monster Canada moose whatever it scores, and I am just thrilled for Larry to take such a great trophy. He is a great guy and has worked hard. Hopefully the weather will improve and he can take a mtn. goat as well.
Gotta go eat supper…

Hunt hard…Tim H.

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