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Moose Hunting in British Columbia for THE ZONE, Bull Down

October 11, 2010 by  
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Tim definitely earned this awesome British Columbia bull. Read the exciting conclusion to this hunt filmed for THE ZONE on Sportsman’s Channel.

Day 6…

As I reported, day six started with high winds and rain. As soon as we rode out, the snow started. It snowed hard all day and the wind didn’t let up. We rode up through the valley in the wet snow and stopped at a number of ponds, meadows and lakes to call. Visibility was generally under 200 yards with the snow, and we got no response to the calling. With the high winds, a bull would have had to be pretty close to hear us.

We stopped by a big lake, built a fire and had lunch about 1:00. It felt good to dry our gloves, thaw our feet and warm up a bit. After lunch, my guide Leaf Steffey said there was a high meadow he really wanted to check out, so off we went. An hour or so later, we were riding through the willow choked meadow in absolute driving snow when Leaf wheeled his horse around and it was evident that something was up. We jumped down, and Leaf told me he had ridden up on a big bull bedded in the willows. With the snow and wind, Leaf said the bull didn’t see him, so we tied up the horses and made a plan.

The bull was only about 60 yards away, but from ground level with 4 foot high willows, there was no way to see him. I feel sure with the wind in our faces, we could have stalked up to 20 yards and shot him as he jumped up, but we needed it on video. So we got setup, camera rolling, and Leaf grunted to get him up. The bull didn’t move. He grunted 3 more times and still nothing. Then he cow called a couple of times, and the bull stood up. I centered the Nikon crosshairs on his shoulder and squeezed the trigger of the TC Pro Hunter. The bull wheeled, ran 10 yards and crumbled. The Shockwave bullet went through both lungs, and he was done.

I would have never believed it would happen, especially on that nasty, snowy day, but we stuck with it, and it all paid off. Thank the Lord! If you ever want to go on a great mountain goat or moose hunt (or combo), drop me an e-mail, and I can hook you up with the guys at Moose Valley.

Hunt hard…Tim H.


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