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Moose Hunting in British Columbia for THE ZONE

October 7, 2010 by  
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Tim just sent me his first hunting report from the mountains of British Columbia, Canada using his Sat phone. He is in some very remote and rugged mountains not far from the Yukon looking for a big Canadian Moose.

BC Moose Hunt – First report from the Field…

Off on BC Canada Moose Hunt with the TC Muzzleloader this week. Traveled all day Sunday to get to Prince George by plane. Then drove about all day Monday to get to base camp in Moose Valley about 150 miles from the Yukon Border. I killed a nice moose here 2 years ago and couldn’t wait to get at it again. My buddy Larry Caan is hunting moose and mountain goat.

Day one- We awoke to snow, and that was the story of the day. We rode out in snow, went into the mountains, basins and some meadows, and it never quit. Most of the day we had 200 yard or less visibility, so it was tough. It was also very wet snow with hard wind, and we were wet cold and pretty miserable. It also knocked out any chance for Larry to goat hunt.

Day 2 (today) – We got up to rain, and that was the story of today. We left first thing and got back at dark, and it rained almost the whole time. We did some calling and went to some great looking moose habitat, but we had no luck. This is just one thing you have to be prepared for when you go on a wilderness hunt, especially in northern Canada or AK. You may have days or weeks where the conditions are terrible, and they really shut the hunting down. You can get out there and give it your best, and sometimes you can’t hunt at all, but you have no control in these harsh environments. Hopefully the weather will break tomorrow, but from all we have heard, the conditions are supposed to be bad all week.

We will keep trying, and I will report in when I can. Hunt Hard…Tim H.

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