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Monster Ohio Non-Typical Buck

December 13, 2009 by  
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Pictured here is Buckeye Big Bucks and P&Y scorer, David Orndorf holding the rack from Colin Harmon’s giant Ohio non-typical buck. Colin took this monster buck in October 2009 with his bow in Delaware county. The massive 16 point rack scored just over 203 net non-typical putting it about #12 in the Ohio Buckeye Big Bucks book and one of the largest ever taken in the county. Congrats Colin on taking a truly giant whitetail!

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2 Responses to “Monster Ohio Non-Typical Buck”

  1. Jim Cogar says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment about the 203″ buck that was taken in Delaware County, Ohio. The short paragraph stated that it is the “number one” buck in the county. I just wanted to mention that although the 203″ buck is truly a deer of a lifetime, there has been at least one deer harvested in Delaware County that scores higher. Last year Steve Hunt shot a 234 1/8″ Non-Typical last year in Delaware County.

    Buckeye Big Buck Club
    (Given in honor of the top non-typical of the year)
    Steve Hunt, Score 234 1/8 Non-Typical
    Taken in 2008, Delaware County – Ohio

    Thank you,
    Jim Cogar

  2. JT says:


    Thanks for the comment and info on that other giant buck. I ammended the post to say it is one of the largest bucks ever taken in Del cty. Appreciate you reading our site!

    Good hunting,

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