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Monster Muley from Arizona – 300″

September 22, 2008 by  
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This is one gigantic monster muley – scoring over 300″ I think this buck would give any hunter a heart-attack in a stare down!

Here is a quote about his buck

Houdini is a buck like I thought I would never see in my lifetime. 41 Inches wide, 15 by 16, and gross scores 322, yes 322! The frame is 31 inches wide and a whopping 234 gross on the main frame alone. The mass was 26.5 and 25.

Check out Muley Crazy site for the latest on this Buck.

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2 Responses to “Monster Muley from Arizona – 300″”

  1. Dodgemna says:

    You might have seen it by now but this buck was killed in 04.

    This photo has been surfacing as a buck taken this year from the Arizona Strip. Dan Friedken harvested this buck from the Strip in 2004 and was awarded the B&C Second Place Award for non-typical mule deer at the Club’s 26th Big Game Awards in Fort Worth, Texas in July of 2007.

    Pictured here is Dan’s friend, Alan Hamberlin.

    The buck scores 272-1/8 B&C.

  2. Jim Hamberlin says:

    This Deer was harvested by Alan Hamberlin in September of 08. You are confusing it with the deer called Sampson was taken by Dan. The guy in the picture is Ryan Hatch, the center of the mule deer universe.

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