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Monster Minnesota 8 Point Buck

November 17, 2009 by  
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Sad story to report on this monster 8 point buck illegally taken in Minnesota. Reportedly this 8 point would have grossed over 190″. That’s a frikin huge 8 point!  What a giant, massive rack. To have this deer taken by a criminal is such a shame.  Here is the info we received from the DNR and wanted to update this post with the truth.

“Troy Allen Reinke, 32, already had shot two deer in October and illegally failed to tag or register them, state Department of Natural Resources investigators say. The Cannon Falls man allegedly already had butchered them and planned to kill another, according to Goodhue County court records. If convicted, Reinke faces $19,000 in fines, up to a year in jail and revocation of his hunting licenses for three years. No court date has been scheduled.”

monster 8 point buck

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  1. JT says:


    Any chance you can email me an article that proves it was taken illegally? We don’t want to publish any stories about deer that were not taken by ethical and legal standards in the state here taken.

    Thank you,


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