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Monster Kansas and Virginia Bucks

December 3, 2010 by  
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Here are a couple of monster bucks. Unfortunately, I don’t really have much info on the hunters. As we all know, antler size is relative to the state where taken. The Kansas buck is absolutely a world class whitetail scoring about 205 gross as a 13 point typical. Wow! Obviously Kansas produces a few monster bucks like that one pretty much every year. Quick tip, if you are dreaming about a guided whitetail hunt in Kansas do some research on outfitters and read some unbiased outfitter reviews at Such “word of mouth” information from other hunters will help you improve your odds for harvesting your own giant buck.

The second buck is a huge deer in its own right because it came from Virginia, a state that doesn’t produce big whitetails very often. This buck reportedly scores almost 160, a truly exceptional buck for Virginia and arguably a similar trophy in that state.



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