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Monster Bucks on Trail Camera and Black Bear Kills Wounded Buck

September 6, 2010 by  
Share | readers Steve from Indiana and Mike from Kentucky sent in these great trail cam pictures of some big bucks. Looks like these guys have their sights set on some big whitetails this hunting season. Good luck guys and thanks for sending them in!

Garrett from Virginia provided these unique pictures of a black bear that is finishing off a wounded buck along a highway. Apparently this nice sized buck was hit by a vehicle and badly wounded when this not so big black bear saw the opportunity for an easy meal. Mother nature in action. Thanks Garrett!


2 Responses to “Monster Bucks on Trail Camera and Black Bear Kills Wounded Buck”

  1. wow look at the size of the buck and the appearantly young black bear is handling it. nature is just amazing.

  2. Adam says:

    Well, not really mother nature if the buck was hit by a vehicle.

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