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Monster Bucks in “The Bow Zone”

December 2, 2013 by  
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2013 Bow Zone B
Another view of my 2013 buck

I had been keeping in touch with my guide during the weeks prior to my hunt to find out what the latest trail cam photos were showing. Like I mentioned, The Bow Zone doesn’t have alot of deer and after a couple very hard winters recently, numbers were even lower. Even though there hadn’t been any giants show up, there was a few mature deer in the area in the 150-170” range and that’s all I was looking for. I try to find a 200” buck to hunt every year back home in Ohio and that doesn’t always happen, but as far as I’m concerned a 150” deer is a big deer anywhere especially with only a week to hunt. So going into my trip I had my mind set on any mature deer 4 years or older and at least 150” of antler would be in big trouble if he cam within bow range of me and my Chill!


Upon arrival to Edmonton, I met up with my good buddy and Team200 team mate Justin Ewanchuk at about 2pm. Justin asked me how long it would take to be ready to hunt, the cold weather hit and the bucks were really moving and he wanted me in the stand that evening if possible. So after a short ride to the cabin, a mad scramble to get my gear together, and a quick shot to make sure the Carnivores were flying true I was ready to go by 3:30. As usual, Justin drove me within 20 yards of the Lone Wolf stand to keep scent at a minimum and wished me good luck.


As I scaled the frozen Poplar tree, my exposed skin imediately began to sting from the biting cold. I managed to hang my camera arm and get everything set just as my fingers started getting numb from the extreme cold. With a little more than an hour of daylight left I didn’t even bother sitting down and just leaned into the frozen tree as I  watched an incredible sunset began to take my mind off how cold I was already!


It wasn’t long before I spotted the first deer of the evening. Two does came over the hill infront of me, and with everything covered in snow the stood out like 2 turds in a punch bowl! I was a little concerned that the wind wasn’t perfect for this set up, the trail the does were using would pass by my stand on the downwind side at about thirty yards before they entered the field. I have had extremely good luck with eliminating my scent with an Ozonics unit and covering up whatever might be left over with Evercalm from Conquest Scents. I had only had 1 deer wind me since the September opener and after the two does past unalarmed, I began to rest a little easier. For the next 30-40 minutes a half dozen more does and a small buck past my stand and entered the field unalarmed. All of these deer used a trail 45 yards away, unlike the first two that past at 20 yds. Even though I’m comfortable shooting out to 60 yds, with the conditions being what they were I was hoping for something closer.


Just as the sun dipped completely below the horizon I saw set of dark antlers coming up over the hill. I immediately raised my Meoptas for a better look and confirmed it was a mature 5×5 that looked to be in the 150-160” range and he was heading straight to me. I hit record on my bow mounted GoPro and my main camera and began filming the action. As the buck approached the main trail at 20 yards he stopped to survey the field full of live decoys behind me, then with a flick of his tail he hopped the fence. I followed the buck the best I could with the camera and as he entered the field at 20 yards I had to stop him with a soft grunt. As my Lumenok dissapeared right in the sweet spot, I knew I had finally accomplished my quest for a mature buck in “The Zone”, even though it was over as quickly as it began! .

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