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Monster Bucks in September

August 20, 2013 by  
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As I put the finishing touches on my last fall food plot of the year this evening, I couldn’t help but think about how soon another deer season will be here! The last few nights here in Ohio have been down in the 50’s and it sure feels like fall is fast aproaching. I can’t wait for that first night I can climb into my stand and see what strolls into my secret little plot of Whitetail Institute Oats and Winter Peas! The next 6 weeks are going to go by quick and there’s still alot to do.

First on the list will be to try and top the giant bruin I shot at Wollaston Lake last fall, heading north at the end of next week! I will be checking all my cameras before I leave also and making sure there is plenty of 30-06 along with fresh batteries and sd cards. The first part of September is a critical time when it comes to big deer and trail cameras. Alot of the bigger bucks that have been showing up like clockwork in the soybeans all summer long are going to begin shedding velvet and you know what that means, some of these big boys are going to vanish! If the cameras you have next to the bean fields begin to dry up with buck activity, it will be time to relocate them closer to the core areas I have written about. The mature bucks are going to become more reclusive in September and some of them will relocate back to the safety zones! The bachelor groups will begin to disperse also, showing up less in the bean fields.

There will be a window of opportunity to catch the boys of summer in the beans still, as far as the moon goes, so you better be ready to do some glassing Sept. 8-15th. If any of you are lucky enough to hunt in September, that will be a great week to be in a stand along with the last few days of the month. Those are the only dates I’m giving away though, better go to and pick up your chart for this season! I shot my 8th buck over 170” last year and everyone of those giants was killed during the red moon phase described on that chart – NO JOKE!! I will not go a season without mine and you owe it to yourself to get one! I have been following the moon for two decades now and when it comes to killing mature bucks, the moon is where it’s at, period!

Something else to get ready right now if you haven’t – treestands! I don’t like to leave my stands out all year, it’s rough on them and the straps that secure them to the tree. This is a great time to check straps for weak spots and stands for any noises, don’t need any surprises come opening week! I have some stands out already but i always like to keep about half of mine available to hang right before season where ever I find the freshest sign. September is a great time to do some last minute scouting and zero in on an early season giant!!


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