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Monster Bucks in Illinois by Adam Hays

December 17, 2012 by  
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After picking up one of the biggest sheds I have ever found back in March, I had high hopes for my 2012 Illinois season. I knew this animal could be a world class 8 point if he survived, so I couldn’t wait to start running my trail cameras in the summer, in hopes of locating the giant prior to the October opener. Well, so much for high hopes! After a scouting trip in August, I placed a dozen trail cameras in strategic locations, hung 6 stands in spots I thought could produce during the early season and crossed my fingers. This scouting trip took place on my way to Canada for my first hunt of the year, a black bear hunt in Northern Saskatchewan. The plan was to be back a week before the bow season opened, check cameras, do some last minute scouting and hopefully be on the big 8 point for the opening week of season. Not!

Upon my arrival back in Illinois I had pictures of some great bucks, including a giant 6×4, but the big 8 was a no show. I spent the whole week prior to season scouting, moving cameras, and setting up in a stand watching the fields during the evenings hoping to get a look at the big 8, still nothing! With the impact that the drought had on Illinois, most of the corn had either been picked or mowed down also, so there wasn’t much in the way of hiding spots for big bucks in the vast corn fields that usually cover most of the state in October, but I still couldn’t find him. After spending the first 2 weeks in Illinois unsuccessful,  I finally packed the truck and headed for Ohio. My luck at home wasn’t much better, with a few good bucks on the cameras but nothing to get really excited about. By the end of October I was ready to head back to Illinois.

The big 6×4!

The buck I ended up killing with my bow!


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