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Robert Smith and new Kentucky Record Buck!

Robert Smith’s KY New State Record Typical Buck!

Facts About the buck:

  • Harvested with a rifle
  • Harvested on Nov. 11th, 2000
  • Harvested in Northern KY
  • Field Dress weight 245 lbs.
  • Scored as a typical 10 pt.
  • Main beams are 30″
  • Inside spread 20 4/8
  • Scores 204 4/8 Net B&C


According to Gordon Whittington, editor of North American Whitetail magazine, “The Smith buck currently appears to be the world’s top-scoring typical from last season, and he could rank No. 2 all time among basic 10-pointers. Among 5x5s that have been certified by B&C, only Wisconsin’s Jordan buck (206 1/8 net B&C points) has a higher score.” 


Last modified: February 22, 2002