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Ricky Gee’s Kentucky Buck!

Ricky Gee’s KY Buck!

Facts About the buck:

  • Hunters Name: Ricky Gee
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Date of Harvest: 11/12/2000
  • Harvest State: Kentucky
  • Harvest Method: Rifle
  • Points: 11
  • Field Dress Weight – 195lbs
  • Green Score: 148 B&C

I got this big buck just after he had worked on a scrape , he was walking fast to get to another one I guess so I had to grunt to get him to stop so I could get a good shoot off at him thru the thick tree limbs and it worked . He stopped and when I shot he fell in his tracks about 50 yards away .



Last modified: April 26, 2002