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Randy Handlen’s 12 Point Manitoba Buck!

Gary Christensen’s 12 point 305 pound field dressed Buck!

During the first day of my hunt it was snowing, cold and the windiest day I have ever hunted.  I was bundled up so it was hard to hear or see with the wind and snow blowing.  At about 8:30 AM I thought I heard a buck grunting.  I took off my hood and looked around but I didnt hear or see anything else.  Around 11:30 AM I saw a doe that appeared to be in heat as she was walking around and twitching her tail.  Being in the stand all day my walk back to the truck was hard and I was cold, right to the core.

 Big 12-Point Manitoba Buck!

The second day of the hunt I hunted the same stand as the day before.  This time the wind had died down enough to rattle.  I took out my guides rattling horns and rattled.  The only thing I rattled in was a coyote.  About 8:30 AM I heard a buck grunt, just like the day before.  I took off my hood and looked around, especially behind me thinking that if I couldnt see the deer yesterday when it grunted that he must be behind my stand.  I didnt see anything behind me so I turned around and standing in front of me there was the biggest deer I had ever seen.  The buck was 90 yards away directly facing me.  There was a light wind blowing in my face so I knew the deer wouldnt catch my scent.  The buck was smelling the ground and checking the wind.  Every time the buck would move I was trying to get my gun in position to shoot.  Once I got the crosshairs on the buck I had a real good feeling.  The wind died down and I felt very steady, but panic hit me when I couldnt get the hammer back on my muzzleloader.  My gloves were too thick to fit between the bottom of my scope and the top of my hammer.  I was also having a hard time putting my trigger finger in the trigger guard.  The buck was looking my way so I had to move very slowly.  I pulled my glove off, cocked the hammer and centered the crosshair on his chest and shot.  Through the smoke I could see the buck jumping back into the wood from where he came.  I reloaded my muzzleloader, waited 20 minutes and then climbed out of the tree stand.  I walked over to where the buck was standing and there was hair lying all over the ground.  I walked into the woods to where he had ran and the buck was dead 25 yards from where I had shot him.  The bucks body was so big it was hard to pull him out of the woods.  The bucks rack is a big 12-point rack (7 by 5) with huge brow tines.  He green scored 167 gross.  The buck field dressed at 305 pounds.  I used a Thompson Center Encore 209-Magnum 50 caliber with a Nikon Monarch scope.  Thanks to High Mountain Outfitter guide service out of Kellwood Manitoba for a great hunt.  If you would like to book a hunt with this outfitter please call Dean Sandulak @ 204-967-2077.


Last modified: April 26, 2002