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Odell Chamber’s 32-Point Kentucky Monster Buck!

Odell Chambers 32-Point Kentucky Monster Buck
Story by Pat Cardin

Rumors of a 32 point buck being taken in the Youngers Creek area circulated during Kentuckys modern gun season. I had heard it was anywhere from 26 to 32 points and was green scoring over 200.

The rumors were true as I tracked down Odell Chambers and got the lowdown on this unusual non-typical buck.


Although Chambers had never seen the buck before, his neighbor had told him of a large buck he had seen with a rack like a bush.

On Tuesday morning, the fourth day of the gun season, some deer came along the top of a ridge feeding. Chambers could tell there was a nice buck and definitely a shooter. Chambers manages his deer herd and doesnt take just any buck that comes along.

He watched the deer feed along the ridge and saw an opening through the trees where a four-wheeler road had been made. Chambers steadied his Ruger 308 caliber rifle and waited for the buck to step into the four-wheeler road.

Chambers couldnt believe his eyes when he approached the buck. His rack had such mass on the ends that the head on the buck was nose up and the weight of both antlers was on the ground.

Chambers and his brother tried to count the points and came up with 26. They estimated it would green score 213. Chambers called the local conservation officer, who scores deer on a regular basis, and asked him to check out the deer. He came up with 32 points that he thought could be scored. He will officially score the deer after the drying period, plus they plan to have the deer scored by several official scorers. Since the rack has so many points, they want different opinions and scores to make sure they have a consensus score on his trophy buck.


32-Point Kentucky Buck!

Pictures don’t do the buck justice.  The front view shows the impressive width, which is 22 inches inside spread and the outside is over 30 inches. It is truly a one-of-a-kind trophy whitetail.
9-Point Kentucy Buck! Deer hunting is in the family as Chamberss sister, Ella Moore, took a huge nine point buck that green scored 166 3/8. It is sure to make Boone and Crockett and it had a 22-inch inside spread and field dressed at 205 pounds. She took the buck less than 3 miles from her brothers buck on the “home place.”