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Mike Dunn’s 21-Point Kentucky Buck!

Mike Dunn’s 21-Point Kentucky Buck!

P&Y Green Score 189 5/8

I started watching this buck in late August 2000. With him being in his summer feeding schedule you could almost set your clock by him. Every evening he would come out about the same time. I live on the state line of Kentucky and Tennessee and with KYs bow season opener being a week earlier than TNs I decided to hunt the big boy in Kentucky. I have a salt lick on the Kentucky side that the deer were using every day, and this location is where it would all take place.


Knowing that I had never seen the buck around this lick early in the morning I had decided not to hunt the morning season opener.  However, I was set up at my lick by 5:00 PM opening day and by 5:15 PM I had deer coming into the lick! At first there were a few does and fawns.  A little after 6:00 PM I had a small buck come in but he didn’t stay long.  A big doe kept running him around till he went on his way, at about 6:40 PM a nice ten point came to the lick and started to dig around the lick a bit. Minutes had passed and my buck had slipped in on me while my attention had been focused on watching the 10 pointer.  When I turned to my right he was standing there at 40 yards and headed my way.  He stopped at 18 yards right in front of me and started to feed. The only shot I had was a straight down the spine, thats the shot I took and the arrow hit its mark. The broadhead went deep into his chest and the buck fell in his tracks.

Mike Dunn's KY Monster Buck!

Mike Dunn's KY Monster Buck!

Quick Facts:

Browning Detonator Bow

Gametracker Carbon Express 3d arrows

Simmions 125 Land Shark Broadhead

Advantage Timber Camo

Buck field dressed at 178 lbs.

33 points, 21 scorable points

Pope & Young Green Score is 189 5/8

Buckmaster BTR Score 170 4/8

Harvested on 9/16/2000


Last modified: April 26, 2002