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Mike Beatty’s 39 Point Non Typical Ohio Record Buck!


Mike Beatty’s 39-Point Ohio Buck!

Facts About the buck:
  • It has 39 points
  • Green Score is 291 3/8
  • Harvested on 11-08-2000
  • Harvested in Greene County, Ohio
  • Compound Bow

So the story goes that Mike had seen a nice buck enter into a thicket, Mike grunted and the buck that came out of the thicket was this trophy, he thought he was getting a shot at the original buck he had seen earlier.  If the score becomes official after the required 60 day drying period it will become the new State and World record non-typical buck ever harvested with a bow.

(AP Photo/The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife)

Mike Beatty's 40 Point Trophy Buck!

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