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Merle Raymer’s 27-Point Kentucky Buck!

Merle Raymer’s 27-Point Buck!

Story and photo re-printed by permission of The Banner.

Facts About the buck:
  • It has 30 points and 27 Scorable Points
  • B&C Green Score 224 5/8
  • Killed 11-99
  • Morning Hunt
  • Harvested in Butler Co. Kentucky
  • Remington 7400 30-06
  • 21 2/8″ inside spread


“So here’s how the hunt went.  Starting out the morning in a stand behind his barn at about 8 a.m. and not seeing anything he decided to change locations working his way to a deep hollow.  He was watching a clearing when the buck burst from a thicket, ran up the hill, stopped at the top and turned his head to look at dad (Merle).  With only seconds to react dad told me that all he could see was horns and how wide he was.  He kept telling himself not to look at the horns with the buck quartering away.  The bullet entered behind the last rib on the right side angled through the shoulder on the left.  Dad said all the deer did was hump up, turn and run back down the hill.  Taking a few minutes to calm down, he walked to the spot of the shot.  Nothing, no hair or blood.  Following the direction the deer had gone a short 50 yards and there he was where he had tried to jump a page wire fence.”  From The Banner 11-24-99 Jeff Raymer.

Congrats to Merle on a Great Harvest!

Last modified: April 26, 2002