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Larry Ekhoff’s 29 Point Buck

Larry Ekhoff’s 29 Point Illinois Buck!

Green Score 244 5/8

The following is the story behind Larry’s buck as told to us by Bill Ekhoff.

Larry Ekhoff harvested this Whitetail buck in Kankakee county Illinois on November 20, 1999. It has 29 measurable points. Weight prior to field dressing was over 230 lbs. Lanny’s Bait Shop weighed it however and after Larry left he realized that his scale was suffering from some mechanical difficulty….. He then estimated that the buck may well weigh over 250 after being field dressed.

Larry shot the buck as he was seated in his tree stand down wind from a bedding area. He was hunting in Kankakee county but does not want to be specific as to exactly where. He had a doe come past his stand prior to the buck showing himself. The buck appeared to be interested in the doe and actually came within 30 yards or so from Larry’s stand. The giant buck stopped with his chest behind a huge tree. No good shot was presented. Larry waited, with his heart pounding and arms shaking, for a shot. He tried to concentrate on where he would shoot when the deer decided to move, knowing that if he looked at the rack it would only make things worse. The buck took off and Larry shot. The buck ran approximately 90yds and stopped and looked back. It appeared to Larry as if he had missed completely. He took aim and fired again, this time making an apparent good hit. The deer went down several yards away. It took Larry and a friend two hours to get the deer out of the woods. After recovering the buck Larry went back to find out what happened to the first slug he fired at the deer. Apparently a six in tree claimed that first slug. Larry called me immediately to show me and get some pictures. While skinning the deer two muzzleloader slugs were found in the deer’s shoulder. 

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