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Kiser – Illinois Deer Monster Buck Picture !


Kiser Buck – Illinois Archery Monster


Facts About the buck:

Levi Kiser took this trophy buck about 4:00pm Monday November 15
2004 in southeastern Illinois with an Archery Research AR 31 Ram and a Half bow and size 200 carbon arrows tipped with 90 grain Crimpson Tusker broadheads. The amazing shot was made at 55 yards and the arrow went right through the boiler room. The buck went down at about 100 yards. He tipped the scales at 236 pounds filled dressed but the buck was so big that they couldn’t keep the nose from touching the floor, so the weight may not be accurate. It is a near perfect eight pointer and was rough scored to be 180 inches with very minimul deductions. The neck on this beast measured 30 inches!

State of Kill?: Illinois
County of Kill?: lawrence
Date of Kill?: 11/15/04
Number of Points?: 8




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