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John Maynard’s CO Elk!

John Maynard’s Bull Elk!

Facts About the buck:

  • Hunters Name: John Maynard
  • Elk
  • Date of Harvest: 9/22/2001 in the PM
  • Harvest State: Colorado
  • Harvest Method: Archery
  • Points: 9


Took this smallish bull the last night I was able to hunt of the 2001 elk season. Shot at 15 yards after a typical call-in from almost 1/4 mile away using bugles with a diaphram and cow calls with Abe & Sons Molestus Estrus cow call. The bull dropped about 80 yards from where I shot it.



John Maynard's CO Elk!


Congrats on a Great Harvest!

Last modified: September 25, 2001