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Jeff Jackson’s 21-Point Kentucky Buck!

Jeff Jackson’s 21-Point Buck!

Facts About the buck:
  • It has 33 points and 21 Scorable Points
  • Field Dressed 240 lbs.
  • Killed 11-13-99
  • Morning Hunt
  • Harvested in Bell Co. Kentucky
  • Winchester Model 70 30.06
  • 220 Yard shot
  • 19″ inside spread
  • Estimate that it will green score around 230 B&C

21 Point Kentucky Big Buck!

Jeff Jackson's 21 Point Kentucky Buck! Jeff has hunted this area in years past but had never seen this buck before.

He rattled him to within shooting range and now you see the results.

Congrats to Jeff on a Great Harvest!

Last modified: April 26, 2002