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Jack Hoffman’s 12-Point Illinois Monster Buck!

Jack Hoffman’s 12-Point Illinois Buck!

Facts About the buck:
  • Harvested on 11/04/2000
  • Morning hunt
  • Harvested with Golden Eagle compound bow 65% let-off
  • Location Edgar Co., IL
  • Private Land
  • 8 Yard shot
  • Thunderheads 85’s
  • Estimated age 5 1/2
  • 16 points – 12 scorable points
  • Gross green score 209+
  • Inside spread 21 6/8
  • Main beams around 27″
  • G1’s little over 9 and 7 inches
  • Field Dressed 245 lbs.

This should place in the top 10 of all Illinois bow killed typical Bucks!

Jack Hoffman's IL Trophy Buck!

Jack Hoffman Illinois Trophy BuckJack Hoffman's Trophy Buck!

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One of the interesting items about this buck is that I probably hit it last year in November from the same tree after glancing off a branch. I found my arrow with nock missing sticking in ground by where the buck had been standing about 6 yards from me. I trailed blood in foot print for a while and realized that I had (so I thought) skinned the lower leg. I knew it was a really big buck but also that I had not done it bad injury.
I took a small 7 pt from that blind the next day and did not hunt in it again until this year. The day I shot my big one was only the second time (first time 2 weeks earlier) I had been in it. When I cleaned my buck we noticed that it had a deformed hoof (I still have it). The hoof bears the distinct mark of a broadhead having been shot through it. Wow! A world class buck that gave me two chances in two years.- Rev. Jack Hoffman

Congrats to Jack on a Great Harvest!


Last modified: April 26, 2002