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Sean Sylvester’s Indiana Record Buck with a Bow

Persistence pays off in Indiana Record Bow Kill On November 12, 1998 I was fortunate enough to harvest a trophy buck. I had taken the entire week off work so that I could camp out and bow hunt the week before the firearms season. I hunted from dusk till dawn for four days without seeing a deer. Then on Wednesday, I had a nice eight pointer run in from the cornfield and stop directly under my stand. I tried to get a shot but my arrow was popping off of my rest. After spending about ten minutes under my stand, he started chasing a doe that was about 70 yards behind me.

Fortunately I did not get a clear shot at him. The next morning two does had come in behind me from the right. I stood up hoping for a buck to follow but none did. Then from my left, I heard foot steps. It was the biggest buck I had ever seen. He came within 27 yards and offered me a broadside shot. I released the arrow and made a clean pass through. The buck ran about 50 yards and then went down.

Last year, the Indiana record bowkill scored 175 points. I had an official Pope & Young scorer come out a few hours after I harvested the deer. Here are the unofficial results:

Gross- 198
Net – 188
Inside spread – 22 1/2 inches
Weight – 176
Scorable points – 18
Right G1 was 14″

Equipment used: High Country Bow, 90 grain muzzy broadheads,
Realtree camo and a Tree Lounge treestand

Sean Sylvester

Last modified: February 04, 2000