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Dale Smith’s Indiana P&Y Buck!

Dale Smith Indiana P&Y Buck!

Facts About the buck:

  • Hunters Name: Dale Smith
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Date of Harvest: 11/04/2001
  • Harvest State: Indiana
  • Harvest Method: Archery
  • Points: 12
  • Field Dress Weight – 175lbs
  • Green Score: 170 5/8 P&Y

The Buck came in around 5:30. And stopped broadside for a good kill shot. The Buck took off and ran 75 yards stopped and looked back…Raised his tail and walked off…This young boy Dale Smith 2nd. is only 16 years old…this was his first Bow Buck.

Congrats on a Great Harvest!


Last modified: April 26, 2002