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Monster Bucks Fight and Lock Up and…

November 24, 2009 by  
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Just got this report from Dan, not sure what state they were from but it looks like these two big bucks were trying to kill each other, and one did, when they got locked up. One deer is a 17 point and the other an 11 point.

monster bucks locked up

From the tracks and mess they made it seems the one buck killed the other and drug him around for about 600 yards before this hunter saw them. He shot the live buck with his bow and called the DNR about the situation. The warden gave him a permit for the second dead buck so he could keep them both. Word is he will have them mounted, locked together as they were. Now that doesn’t happen every day.

monster bucks locked up2


One Response to “Monster Bucks Fight and Lock Up and…”

  1. gerard says:

    hi i have pics of locked bucks!
    on my phone one was eatn by coyotes it would thought tobe
    other had tobe put down
    i figured must of been day nd night before noticed

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